I began regular sessions with Tara due to a hip injury that was really limiting my weightlifting and was a persistent issue in day to day life. Not only did Tara address the injury, with her help my range of motion and flexibility have improved beyond were they were prior to being injured. I can lift with confidence and live life knowing that my hip won't be an issue. Thanks Tara!               
-Rich Pencek  
I first started seeing Tara in October 2013 to help with my joint mobility and tight muscles during my workouts. At the time, I was having on and off sciatic nerve pain in my lower back. Tara checked my alignment and ran some tests to see muscle strengths and weaknesses. I did not realize that my pelvis was torqued and the muscles on the left side of my back were much more developed than the right. If left untreated, this problem could get worse and lead to other issues down the line as I continue to lift heavy weights. Within the first two sessions, Tara was able to stretch my muscles and even me out. I felt a huge difference right away. However, in order to keep my hips from shifting back, Tara gave me various corrective exercises to do at the gym before my workouts. I have been seeing Tara twice a month since then and with her help during my sessions and the corrective exercises, my hips have stayed in alignment and the tone in my back has evened out between the sides. Over the last two years, she has consistently helped my with my joint mobility as well, which has translated into me having better positioning during my lifts at the gym. Thank you Tara for all your help!!
-Alison Chambers
In 2013 I had shoulder surgery and began therapy through a recommended facility by my physician. I did have some progress, but I hit a plateau and was not progressing like I thought I should or wanted to. So I went out of pocket and began working with Tara on rehabing my shoulder. Wow, what a difference it made! Tara definately got me over the hump and on the way to recovery. So after my shoulder was better I began working with Tara on a degenerative lower back issue. As well, Tara has helped my back tremendously and I continue to work with her. Of the many things I like about working with Tara the one that stands out is she always seems to have creative ways to do a work around to solve problems to get at any problem spots. And she gives me homework to strengthen the areas that need work. Highly recommended!     
  -Jim Trosper    
Tara is amazing! I'm a relatively active 65 year old and began seeing Tara about two years ago.  She has successfully helped me recover from a couple of injuries and has the uncanny ability to discover knots and kinks that I didn't know existed. If you have some muscle soreness or a "hitch in your gett-along,"  I strongly recommend scheduling an appointment.  If you're considering a much overlooked body tune-up, call her today!  The only thing you'll regret is that you didn't act sooner.
 - Jim Martin (Pops)

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